Meal Kit Price

Meal kits are an affordable and convenient way to get dinner on the table. They can also save you time, money and stress if you don’t have the skills or time to cook for yourself.


They can also be a great option for people with dietary restrictions, such as vegetarians or those following a low-calorie diet. But they can also be pricey, especially if you’re buying recipes for the whole family.

Cost per serving

The price of a meal kit varies depending on your household size, grocery budget and whether you have the time and inclination to cook at home. While some services, such as HelloFresh, Blue Apron and Home Chef, offer monthly or weekly subscriptions that cover a variety of meals for you and your family, others charge by the serving.

The cost per serving of a meal kit is often on par with or even less than if you were to purchase all of the ingredients separately. The cheapest service in the game is EveryPlate, which offers a variety of crowd-pleasing meal options for about half the price of most other meal kit companies.

It’s no secret that meal kit services use more plastic than if you were to buy all your own groceries, but the cheaper ones have come up with ways to reduce their carbon footprint. For instance, EveryPlate packages its laudable ingredients in a single box that is surprisingly eco-friendly.

The best thing about a meal kit is the convenience and the novelty of not having to leave the comfort of your home to get fresh, delicious food. The biggest challenge comes in choosing the right one for you. It also pays to do your research before signing on the dotted line.

Cost per meal

Whether you want to save money, eat healthier or simply don’t have time for dinner prep, there are several meal kit services that can help. But before you sign up for one, it’s important to know how much it will cost you per meal.

The most popular meal delivery kits include Blue Apron and HelloFresh, which offer a variety of menus to fit almost any diet and skill level. These meal kits are subscription-based and can be paused or cancelled at any time. They also come in a wide range of serving sizes and quantities, from single-serving meals to family plans that serve two or more people.

EveryPlate is a budget-friendly meal kit service that aims to make cooking easier without making you feel like a master chef. Unlike some of its competitors, EveryPlate uses simpler ingredients and recipes, with meals ranging from $4.99 to $5.89 a serving, plus a flat rate for shipping.

Its prices are half those of other meal-kit delivery services, which makes it a good choice for families on a budget. Its menu includes recipes for a variety of dishes, including chicken thighs and Brussels sprouts; a shrimp and grits bowl; and a pasta and vegetable soup.

Moreover, it offers vegetarian and gluten-free options, making it a great choice for those with food allergies. It’s also a popular option for college students, as it offers $15 off the first three boxes to new members.

This meal-kit service also specializes in nourishing, high-protein, plant-based meals that are easy to prepare and delicious. Its menu includes more than 40 grain bowls, soups, and smoothies that are made from organic and GMO-free ingredients.

Its recipe cards are posted online for convenience and ease of access. And the company claims that its recipes are only six steps or less, which is a big deal for anyone who doesn’t have the time or desire to cook. It also has a large selection of quick-and-easy recipes, with many going from pan to plate in under 30 minutes.

Cost per week

Meal kit price can vary by a variety of factors, including the type of meal plan you choose, the frequency of deliveries, and how many people you’re cooking for. However, most meal kits cost around $7 to $9.99 per serving.

The best price-per-serving options are typically more budget-friendly services that focus on delivering simple, crowd-pleasing meals to your door. These options are ideal for those who don’t have a lot of cooking experience or who are looking to cut down on grocery trips.

Splendid Spoon delivers healthy, plant-based nourishing grain bowls, soups, and smoothies to your door for a fraction of the cost you’d spend at the grocery store. Its dietary options include gluten-free, GMO-free, low-carb, and vegan.

Even at this lower price point, the meals don’t skimp on flavor. Menus change every week to reflect the season and ingredients available, and the recipes are a perfect fit for keto, paleo, carb-conscious, plant-based, high-protein, and vegetarian diets.

If you’re a meat eater, EveryPlate’s weekly menu leans into crowd-pleasing comfort foods that are sure to please. The recipes are simple enough that even a novice cook could make them.

For a more upscale experience, Blue Apron has a few options that will fit most budgets. The most economical option is the two-person plan, which will net you about $5 per person. You can choose to receive three, four, or six meals per week.

HelloFresh also has a range of plans for two to four people, including a vegetarian option. Meal prices will also vary based on how often you choose to receive your recipes, whether you need gluten-free or vegan options, and if you’d like a wine subscription to pair with your meals.

Meal delivery services are the latest trend, and while they may not be as cost-effective as grocery shopping yourself, they’re certainly less expensive–and typically healthier–than ordering takeout. In fact, some companies have direct relationships with suppliers, which can result in up to 40% discounts on their food. These savings are passed on to you, and they’re definitely worth taking advantage of.

Cost per person

The cost of a meal kit can vary significantly, depending on the service and the amount of ingredients you need to prepare your meals. You can also save money on your meal kits by shopping around for deals or discounts on your order. Some companies will even reward you with free meals for signing up and referring friends.

For instance, Blue Apron offers a family plan that lets you select meals for two or four people. The cost per serving isn’t cheap, but it’s less than many takeout or restaurant options.

Another cost-saving tip is to use coupons or promo codes when you shop online. You can find these offers through your favorite retailers or by signing up for a membership program that allows you to redeem discounts on your purchases. You can also get discounts on meal kits through credit card rewards points.

Meal kit services are a great way to reduce food waste and keep your budget on track. Most have a streamlined checkout process and ship your orders in a single box. Some, such as EveryPlate, use recyclable packaging to cut down on the carbon footprint.

The cost of a meal kit may be higher than your typical grocery trip, but you should still have a budget in mind. Some services charge per serving, while others have a minimum number of dishes you must order to qualify for free delivery.

A well-designed website and a friendly customer support staff will help you make the most of your meal kit experience. You can also try out a trial subscription to test the waters before you commit. Most of these websites offer a few sample menus, so you can sample each service’s products without risking any money.

The best way to know whether a meal kit is right for you is to compare the prices of similar items and see how much you save by preparing your own meals. You might be surprised by the savings you’ll find.