Drowsy driving detection with an automobile

Drowsy driving detection is an automobile safety technology that helps to prevent accidents brought about by the sleepy driver becoming drowsy behind the wheel. 인천운전연수 Studies have indicated that up to 20% of all road traffic accidents are due to fatigue-related issues, up to 50 percent on some remote roads. However, many drivers still feel drowsy after a long rest and may still be at a considerable disadvantage when they try to make a judgment call as to whether or not they should take the vehicle out for a drive. In this situation, the use of drowsy driving detection systems is an excellent method to avoid any potential accidents.

While the anti-vibration alarm is not loud to most people, it is still enough to set off the driver’s central nervous system and cause them to suddenly wake out of their deep slumber. Another potential source of drowsy driving detection uses the concept of the fatigue alert. Many current automobile safety systems include an integrated driver attention alert system. The concept is to reduce driver fatigue and improve driver alertness at the same time.

This unique device is particularly beneficial for heavy and experienced commercial truck drivers who can easily cause drowsy conditions in other vehicle drivers by taking a nap while driving. Many commercial truck drivers spend the entire day in their lanes, never devoting any time to stop and allow others to pass. Their sleep over represents a huge safety hazard, particularly if other drivers are sleeping in their midst. The anti-vibration alarm will trigger the vehicle’s emergency system, causing it to alert the truck’s driver to the danger of allowing another vehicle to pass.

A third potential source of drowsy driving detection has to do with driver monitoring.

Currently, trucking companies can use the location services API of their GPS devices to determine the time a trucker is awake, as well as the drowsy state of the driver. Not all drivers are comfortable with the idea of having their sleeping state known to the world. For this reason, there are currently several different drowsy driving detection systems in development. The DAS is still in its developmental stages, but already has the backing of major automotive and shipping safety associations. An additional option, called the Sleep Alert System, or SAS, is already available for sale on the market.

The anti-vibration alarms made by DriveSafe are completely portable, making them very convenient for use by both commercial and personal drivers. Most models simply need to be plugged into any standard wall outlet and left to detect the vibrations in the road, much like an air conditioner’s heat sensor. If the vibrations are detected, a visual indicator will pop up on the monitor, allowing the driver to quickly apply the brakes and prevent dangerous, costly accidents.

There are a number of potential sources of drowsiness detection, although none of them have proven as effective as the DAS. Currently, one of the most popular methods is the use of an infrared scanning device worn on the person. The machine is able to read the bioelectric signals produced by the brain, but it cannot measure the amount of drowsiness produced. This limitation is one of the reasons that the SAS is so much more advance than the DAS. It will require the addition of a face-recognition software package and the use of a PC based interface.