Does and don’ts of driving a car

Driving Does and don’ts of driving a car:

There are some manners and does and don’ts of driving a car 초보운전연수-기가드라이브. This helps make your driving safer, not only for you but everyone on the road. These manners also dictate how quickly you can learn and get a driving license in most cases.

Below are a few does and don’ts of driving a car.


  • Stay focused: for road safety, it is very important that you stay focused when driving and do not let anything distract you. Keep your mind present and think of nothing else when driving.

  • Know your vehicle: You must know all the basics about the vehicle. You should know if it is automatic, manual, how its brakes are, how its gear shifting and other things are working. This knowledge helps you drive better.

  • Control the speed: Keeping your speed in check and control is important. For the safety of yourself and others, you should keep your speed in check.

  • Stay in Lane: You should know which one is your lane, and stay in that lane, instead of wandering everywhere on the road. Only change your lanes when you want to overtake or want to turn to the side.

  • Be polite: During driving, you should be polite and this politeness must reflect through your actions on the road. Let others cross if you are not speeding, and you should talk to the traffic wardens or other drivers politely as well.

  • Give way to emergency vehicles: If you see an emergency vehicle, such as an ambulance, a fireman truck, be on the side and let them pass. Do not block their way as someone’s life might be on the stakes.

  • Follow the rules: You should abide by all the rules of driving in your area. You should see the roadside signs that contain specific instructions related to the area where you are driving such as speed limits in that area.


  • Do not make noise: You should not make noise when taking the car. This annoys other drivers on the road. Avoid the use of horns and high-volume music when you are driving.

  • Do not use mobile: A lot of accidents happen just because the driver was using the mobile. When you are using a mobile phone, your attention is divided, and you cannot focus, this increases the risk. And that is why you should not use the phone while driving.

  • Do not do combing, or apply makeup: During riding the car, you should not do any other activity. If you are combing or applying makeup during the driving, it divides your attention and can cause accidents.

  • Do not look for a map for long: There is a chance that you might not know the way and look on the GPS or Map to reach the exact location. You should only peak on the screen and do not keep looking at it for long.

  • Do not over-speed or under-speed: oversleeping can cause accidents while under-spending can cause traffic jams, that is why you should drive only between the limits.

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