Conducting an Unfaithful Spouse Investigation

The private investigators at ICS understand that discovering your spouse or significant other is cheating can be very stressful. Regardless of your choice to move forward with divorce proceedings or attempt to mend the relationship, having concrete proof will help you.


Whether your suspicions are confirmed or disproved, it is important to focus on self-care and seek support. Consider couples therapy to improve communication and trust in your relationship.

Changes in Behavior

As a result of a spouse investigation, a betrayed partner may experience a variety of emotional responses. These include feelings of betrayal, anger, insecurity, fear and jealousy.

If your partner suddenly becomes secretive about their phone use, begins password-protecting their personal computers and avoiding you, this could be a sign of cheating behavior. Unexplained expenses and changes in financial activity are also causes for concern. These might include sudden large cash withdrawals or new subscriptions or memberships that your spouse was previously unwilling to share with you.

Changes in Communication

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, it can be incredibly difficult to cope with the feelings of suspicion and deception. However, the best thing that you can do is commit fully to the investigation.

Keep an eye out for changes in their grooming habits (new perfume or cologne) or unexplained expenses on the credit card. These can be a sign that they are spending time and money with someone else. The more information that you have, the easier it will be to confront them with concrete evidence of infidelity.

Changes in Emotions

Infidelity is a major relationship trauma that can be particularly difficult for couples to recover from. Research suggests that this is due to the high levels of guilt and social disapproval associated with it.

Regardless of the outcome of your investigation, it is important to remain calm and not accuse your spouse of cheating until you have proof. This can cause them to pull away from you and make it harder to gather evidence. Rather, consider talking to a counselor who can help you work through the betrayal.

Changes in Financial Activity

It’s important to understand that even if you decide not to hire an investigator, it is perfectly legal for you to check things like credit card statements and bank activity. Just be careful because you could run into a lot of legal trouble if you do something that goes against the law.

Unexplained charges or withdrawals are warning signs of financial infidelity. Make sure you review your credit report and your spouse’s. Also consider requesting a copy of their bank statements.

Changes in Physical Activity

Taking steps to investigate your spouse’s activity after discovering cheating is completely legal. It is important that you commit fully to the investigation and that you do not hold anything back from the PI. Doing so will only hinder the PI’s ability to gather evidence.

Participants in this domain were most likely to want to figure out the cause of their mate’s infidelity, including whether it was a one-off or repeated incident. They may also seek out spiritual guidance, and discuss the incident with friends or family members.

Changes in Social Activity

Research suggests that people who have a high level of commitment to their relationship are less likely to engage in infidelity. This may be because they have more emotional and communication resources than those with lower levels of commitment.

Regardless of the reason for their infidelity, individuals who have an affair tend to experience worse life satisfaction than those who do not. This is a result of the negative impact on their relationships, work, self-esteem and socialization. They also tend to have a longer affair. This is because they have more time to focus on a secondary relationship.

Changes in Online Activity

A sudden need to work late, unexplained expenses, receipts from places your spouse has no business being, or a suspicious preoccupation with privacy can be red flags that indicate infidelity. PIs are skilled in documenting this kind of activity, capturing photo and video evidence in public spaces that often lend themselves to cheating.

There is a stark potency in visual proof, and it often makes all the difference in divorce proceedings or other legal matters. Using apps that spy on text messages or reverse phone lookup websites, investigators can gather evidence that demolish the web of lies your spouse is spinning around you.

Changes in Phone Activity

A sudden change in your spouse’s cell phone habits can be a red flag. They may begin using a privacy screen on their device or purchasing a new one to hide their internet and text message activity.

She may also become overprotective of her phone and deletes messages quickly. She could also start creating new email accounts to cover up her communication with someone else. These changes can be hard to interpret, but they may be caused by unfaithful behavior. A skilled investigator can determine the truth.

Changes in Email Activity

View email activity for a specific user. This includes emails that have been sent to this user and task reminders for tasks related to them that are assigned to managers, onboarding coordinators, or users with Owner access.

When they get defensive when you ask about their odd behavior. They may also become accusatory and accuse you of being paranoid. They also might start to avoid you. This might be a sign that they are having an affair. This might also show in their social media accounts.

Changes in Text Activity

Drastic changes in texting activity can be a sign of cheating. A spouse may suddenly purchase a privacy screen for their phone, or start sending and receiving texts late at night or early in the morning.

They may also start calling their affair partner on the phone and leaving the room to do so. Using apps that spy on text messages, recovering deleted text messages and reverse phone lookup websites can all be used to uncover this evidence.

Cheaters often lie about their spending, where they go and who they talk to on the phone, or even the details of their work schedule to hide an affair. Couples counseling can help to address these issues and regain trust.