Cake Topper Ideas For Every Occasion

A cake topper is an excellent way to decorate your wedding or birthday cake. It can also serve as a keepsake when the event is over.


While traditional cake toppers involve figurines of the bride and groom, your options don’t stop there. Laser-cut words and phrases are popular, like this cupid-themed topper from Nothing Bundt Cakes.


When it comes to romantic cake toppers, nothing beats a simple figurine that reflects your and your betrothed’s unique love story. These sweet pieces can also be personalized with a monogram, initials, or a beautiful phrase to really make them your own. From cute and quirky to whimsical, these toppers are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding decor.

If simplicity is more your style, consider a sleek acrylic topper like this one from AllDesignsThatShine. You can have this modern topper customized with your last name and choose from a variety of different colors for a perfect fit on your big day. It’s an ideal option for a modern industrial wedding venue or if you’re planning a simple, chic celebration.

This topper from December Diamonds is a wonderful way to celebrate same-sex love on your special day. This stunning piece features a couple of gorgeous lesbian brides holding hands and radiating love, making it a lovely addition to any cake.

For couples who are more business in the front, party in the back type, these funny toppers from Etsy will be a hit at your wedding. These personalized toppers feature a silhouette of you and your betrothed in your wedding attire and can include a custom message if desired (like “Love in the Air” or “The Future’s So Bright”). For an added romantic touch, you can opt to have this topper made with long-lasting porcelain for a lasting keepsake.


For couples who love to laugh together, a funny cake topper is the perfect way to showcase their personality on their wedding day. Whether your humor is sports-related, video game-related, or just plain silly, there are plenty of options to choose from that will get your guests laughing.

This funny bride and groom figurine shows the bride trying to run away while her husband stands on her to stop her. The topper can be customized to include the couple’s hair colors and facial features to further resemble them.

If your man is always glued to the television playing video games, this fun cake topper will show him just how much you appreciate his hard work and dedication. The topper can be customised with your choice of console and five different games, and it will make the perfect gift for any gaming couple.

For the romantics who want a little more levity to their big day, this comical “Match Made in Heaven” cake topper is the ideal choice. The two figures feature a bride figure with her lips puckered up ready for a kiss and a frog in her hand. This fun topper is available in several different finishes, and it can be customized with the couple’s names and wedding date.


Make your sports themed cake stand out with this personalised edible cake topper. Simply add your name to the topper using Cricut Design Space, and use an acrylic stick or bamboo skewer to secure it in your cake. This topper is perfect for any celebration, from birthdays to anniversaries!

Ideal for basketball fans and sports enthusiasts, this PopTop cake topper will help to get your game-day spirit pumping. It’s also a great choice for birthday cakes and is reusable so you can enjoy it again and again.

Edible icing art is an easy and affordable way to make your cakes and cupcakes look professional. This topper comes with a printed image and instructions, so you can apply it quickly and easily to your finished product. Simply remove the topper from its backing and place it on top of your iced cake or cupcakes. After a few minutes, the topper will blend into your frosting and give your cakes a professionally-designed finish.


A cake topper is a unique opportunity to add some personality to your big day. Whether you are choosing a funny topper, an elegant classic or something totally off the wall, it’s a great way to show everyone your style and make the wedding cake really stand out.

A pair of figurines can be a cute and quirky way to top your cake. If you have a thing for animals, try this wooden ‘over the moon’ design or these modern pink flamingos. There are also plenty of other options, from dogs and cats to bears and owls. If you’re both a bit of a movie buff then why not get your geek on with these marquee letters or this Doctor Who-inspired option?

Another option is to use a piece of fruit to top your cake. This works well if you are having a tropical themed wedding or even just love fresh, healthy food. You could even guild your fruit with gold or silver leaf to create a more luxurious touch.

Alternatively, you could use an edible topper like these pretty pearls or these swans that are made from fresh strawberries. This is a really fun way to showcase your culinary skills and create a gorgeous, edible decoration for your wedding cake. Just make sure you get someone to video it so you can remember the moment forever!