Blackout Curtain Panels

커튼봉설치 Blackout curtains block natural light and uv rays to create a pitch-black sleeping environment. They also reduce outside noise, and many of our top picks offer thermal insulation.


These Rod Pocket Blackout Curtain Panels from West Elm have a sleek, modern look that suits many styles of decor. They’re hung via rod pocket and come in several lengths to suit any window.

Light Blocking

Blackout curtains prevent sunlight and outside noise from filtering into your sacred sleep chamber, ensuring you get the restful slumber your body craves. They also reduce temperature fluctuations, so you can stay comfortable all year round. To ensure your curtains are effective, pay close attention to their fabric quality and construction.

The fabric, thickness, and tightness of the weave all impact how well a curtain blocks out light. Look for tightly woven fabrics that are made from high-quality polyester, as these tend to be more durable and have superior light-blocking properties. Darker colors, like navy blue and deep green, are better suited to blocking out light than lighter hues such as white.

For a highly-rated set of blackout curtains at a reasonable price, consider the AmazonBasics Room Darkening Window Curtains. They’re available in multiple sizes and drape beautifully. These panels are a polyester blend with a luxurious linen feel. However, the material can wrinkle right out of the package and after washing.

Another option is the Deconovo Blackout Curtains, which boast a polyester construction that keeps out sunlight and dampens sound. They have a silky, satin-like texture and come in an 커튼봉설치 array of colorways. These curtains can be hung using the rod pocket, back tabs, or ring tops and are backed by thermal insulation that helps maintain a comfortable temperature and save energy. They’re a good choice for any bedroom, nursery, or home theater space.

Thermal Insulation

Blackout curtains not only block light and reduce noise, but they also have insulating properties that help control the temperature in a room. This is because they create a dead air space between the window and your home, which helps to keep heat inside during the winter and prevents warm air from escaping in summer.

The insulation properties of your Blackout curtains depend on the fabric, color and how densely it’s woven. Ideally, you should look for a curtain that has an R rating and is advertised as having thermal properties. A higher R rating indicates that the fabric is thicker and has better insulating qualities.

Another way to improve your energy efficiency with insulated Blackout curtains is by using them in conjunction with a smart thermostat like the Netatmo Thermostat. This allows you to automatically reduce your heating and cooling usage, resulting in reduced energy bills and less impact on the environment.

If you want to go greener, consider purchasing a pair of these 100-percent polyester blackout curtains that are OEKO-TEX certified and come in 17 different colors and sizes. They hang via rod pocket and back tabs and boast a weighted bottom hem that further blocks out extra light, while helping to regulate the home’s internal temperature. The curtains are available in a wide range of styles, ranging from punchy shades to textured prints and come in various lengths to fit your window frame.

Noise Blocking

Blackout curtains can be a great choice to help block out the sun, but they don’t necessarily offer the same noise blocking properties as dedicated soundproofing solutions. If you are looking for sound reduction, consider soundproof curtains with an STC rating of 26 or higher that also offer insulation properties.

The sound dampening in these types of curtains is based on the fact that they are thicker and heavier than regular curtain materials. This helps them reduce outside noise by creating a tight seal around your windows. They also lessen the vibrations caused by outside factors like traffic or noise from neighbors. Keep in mind that lower frequency sounds, such as barking dogs or train noise will still be able to pass through even the thickest of curtains.

To ensure your curtains are as effective as possible, make sure you have a tight seal around your window frame, and that there is no gap between your walls and the edges of your windows. This will maximize the effectiveness of your curtains and their ability to block out noise and thermal energy.

This pair of curtains from Nicetown is designed to deliver maximum blackout capabilities, with a microfiber fabric that’s thick enough to cut down on light, noise and thermal transfer. Available in a range of sizes and with options for rod pocket, tab top and back tabs, they can be easily hung using your favorite curtain rod.


Aside from their practicality, blackout curtains also add a stylish touch to your windows. They come in a range of fabrics, colors and patterns that can match or complement most decor styles. You can choose a minimalistic style with these glacier gray drapes, which feature a subtle tufted dot pattern that would fit well in a contemporary bedroom or even a baby’s nursery (babies see black and white better).

For those who want a more traditional take on the design, there’s this set of linen blackout curtains from Pottery Barn, which Kokenes recommends often to her clients. The medium-weight panels can be hung three ways — via rod pocket, back tabs or ring tops — and they feature a polyester blackout lining that blocks out light.

These blackout curtains from CurtainWorks are another stylish choice, featuring a timeless floral print that’d look lovely in a traditional or vintage-inspired room. They’re free of hundreds of harmful chemicals and are available in a variety of lengths, so you can find a pair that fits your window perfectly.

Blackout curtains use thick tracts of fabric to darken rooms, so they tend to be more bulky than standard drapes. They also typically hang a few inches beyond the window frame on all sides, though you can install wraparound rods for an extra dramatic effect. To get the most out of their light-blocking qualities, make sure you measure your window frame and floor to determine the ideal curtain length.