How to Buy a Hotel Bond

The Hotel Bond is a historic hotel in Hartford. Built in two stages in 1913 and 1921 by hotelier Harry S. Bond, the historic property was the grandest in the city during its heyday. It has been restored and is now a boutique hotel. The building is located near Bushnell Park. In its heyday, the… Continue reading How to Buy a Hotel Bond

The Automobile Skill – Four Skills For Careers

As more baby boomers age and enter the workforce, the need for skilled automotive technicians is increasing. In addition to the technical skills, a mechanic must also possess a good sense of communication and be able to understand complex problems. Luckily, there are many ways to enhance your skill set as an automobile technician. Learn… Continue reading The Automobile Skill – Four Skills For Careers

The Future of the Electric Car

As an electric car is gaining momentum, established carmakers are ripping up their business models to adapt to the changing market. They’re overhauling their factories and snatching up every battery that meets strict emission standards. But the high cost of developing an electric car is forcing some companies to find partners or become acquisition targets.… Continue reading The Future of the Electric Car

The Basics of Enamel

The material that coats our teeth is called enamel. This hard substance shields the teeth from damage and decay. As well as being sensitive to hot and cold foods, enamel also protects our teeth from other damage. Therefore, eating with damaged or missing a healthy amount of it can be detrimental to your health. It… Continue reading The Basics of Enamel